Free Central Heating Grant

Can you believe that there is a free central heating grant available for you to apply to! This sounds too good to be true, but it isn't! Warmfront is the UK Government incentive scheme that aims to help the more vunerable households, and those on certain benefits or earning below a set amount. If you meet the Warmfront criteria you would be eligable for a FREE CENTRAL HEATING GRANT in your home. It costs thousands of pounds to install a full central heating system including up to 6 radiators, with the Warmfront free central heating grants you could have all this installed by a qualified gas safety installer for free. Free central heating grants are available throughout the UK, they are referred to differently depending on where you are. Below we have outlined the free central heating grants:

  • England - Warmfront Free Central Heating Grant
  • Wales - Home Energy Efficiency Free Central Heating Grant
  • Northern Ireland - Warm Homes Free Central Heating Grant
  • Scotland - Warm Deal And The Central Heating Programme Free Central Heating Grant

Free Central Heating Grants are an inovative way to ensure that everyone is entitled to an energy efficient and economical heating system. Whether your are in receipt of certain benefits, elderly or earning a low wage the free central heating grant aims to rise the level of quality heating for everyone setting a standard. No one should have to go without adequate central heating in their home. Not only does the free central heating grant save you money as it is free to install by professional installation engineers! Free central heating grants will also save you money in the long term as your new boiler will be more economical saving money on your fuel bill. It is worth looking into applying for your free central heating grant now before the winter rush, you can have your new boiler installed for free in time for the winter rush. When the cold weather comes you can just sit back in the knowledge that you have a new economical easy to use boiler keeping you lovely and warm.

Warmfront free central heating grants look after you and your boiler past the installation stage. Once your free central heating has been installed you will have an inspector visit you from warmfront to ensure you are happy with the boiler, and to ensure everything is ok for you. Your boiler is then covered for 2 years with Warmfront if there are any problems at all you can simply call Warmfront on their FREE phone number and have an engineer out to you no fuss. Simply click on the links on this page to get more information about free central heating grants, and complete a short form to see if you qualify for a free central heating grant.